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The Way of The Turtle by Curtis Faith is deemed by top trading coach Van K. Tharp as one of the top five trading books of all time and a must read for any aspiring or even professional trader. I actually stumbled across it while watching a Youtube video on a trend following system. The guy basically said it was an idea inspired by the same system they used in the Turtle program.

A Quick Run Down

The book is basically about Curtis Faith, an old trader who became a trader through a bet between two friends. Richard Dennis and his long time friend and business partner William Eckhardt were already successful traders and hedge fund managers. Richard bet that he could teach anyone to trade by following his methods whereas William Eckhardt believed that not to be true. He was of the mind set that traders are naturally gifted, and they either have it or they don’t. Hence the Turtle program started.

So what did I think of the book?

I personally really enjoyed the book. I found a lot of inspiration and good trading ideas from this book, which later helped me develop my own trading strategies. Especially after short periods of losses or drawbacks sometimes traders, both new and experienced, may find themselves stuck in certain situations, mind frames and states that lead them to question whether trading is for them or not. Or if they’ve got what it takes to be a trader.

Reading this book will definitely inspire you and make you want to stick at it and work hard on it. Written through the voice of Curtis he really puts it in to perspective that trading is just about following a set of rules and that anyone can do it providing they have the discipline to stick to it through the good and the bad.

The author does go in to a lot of details regarding trading strategies but somehow keeps it interesting and human. Not simply just reeling of numbers and rules. I would certainly put this book up there along with “The New Market Wizards” as one of the best trading books I have ever read.

The book gives you the complete turtle trading system!

Yes that’s right. After seeing confidentiality agreement period, Curtis reveals the exact strategy they used and gives you the rules to follow yourself. In my eyes this alone is worth a hundred times the measly $20 or so this book costs. It is also a lot simpler than you would think also.

Would I recommend this book to complete beginners?

The answer is, probably not. Although the author keeps it rather human and does explain things pretty clearly. He also uses a lot of terminology that a complete novice would probably not have heard of. If you have no knowledge of financial markets and instruments at all I would suggest first of all reading the basics. Maybe YouTube some basics of how the stock markets work or buy a book like “Introduction to Technical Analysis” by M.J Pring.


It wouldn’t be an honest review if I didn’t have some kind of critique for the book. One of the chapters really started to grind my gears. I’m not too sure why but the author, unlike in the rest of the book, kind of got carried away talking about numbers and figures. It was in a chapter where he reviews various trading systems that he’s back tested and reports on the results. I found myself skimming through pages until I could see a chunk of text that wasn’t just full of numbers and calculations.

I also consider myself to be quite a smart guy and an experienced trader. But some of things he reported on or explained in that chapter just was not sinking in.

DO NOT let this put you off buying the book though as this was only a very small set back. The rest of the book was great and I got a lot of practical trading knowledge from it. For the most part it was very easy to read and thoroughly enjoyable. It is also always nice to read about the financial rewards you too can be earning someday if not already.

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