FX City is proud to announce that we offer free one to one forex coaching sessions aimed at beginners. We want to take you from amateur to professional and have you join our network of traders and changing your life for the better.

What do we get out being your forex mentor?

FX City works closely with various brokers who incentivize us to bring successful traders on board with them. Long story short, if you are making money consistently then so will we. That is why we are keen to bring on people who are committed to making this work for them. In short, money makes the world go round, and we still make financial gains from forex mentoring you.

Exclusive Opportunity

If you have been thinking about getting in to Forex trading, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to get a head start.

man learning forex trading alone

The journey of becoming a successful trader is a long and grueling one. It can hurt you both mentally and financially if you have nobody to show you the ropes.

We want to offer the opportunity to short cut this painful process and get a running start in your career as a professional trader.

What to expect?

Lessons are taught one to one at a time that suits both parties depending on the time differences. Lessons can be arranged either on Skype or Google Hangouts.

The first steps of the class will be to establish what level of knowledge, and if our trading style would suit you as a person.

Next Up

Next up we begin with your Technical Analysis training, ensuring a strong base knowledge of the Forex markets and how they work.

Once you have the knowledge of how the financial markets work and how to manage your risk effectively, we will begin teaching you our tried and tested trading systems.

We have come across so many trading systems in our time from all different trading styles. After years of experience we have brought it down to two systems we are confident will make continue making money for the long term.

Our systems are simple to learn but very effective. These are not “get rich quick” systems. They a professional Technical Analysis based strategies which simply put the odds of a winning trade in our favour.

learning forex trading from a book

“What if I currently have a full-time job?”

Our trading methods are to work with long term price movements. If you can spare an hour per day to analyse your charts and place your trades when the markets begin, then our strategies will work for you.

What is Technical Analysis?

Technical Analysis is the study of price charts to help identify patterns in price. Once these price patterns are identified we can use our knowledge of past price action to make an educated guess as to where the Forex market prices will head to next. You will be taught everything you need to know about Technical Analysis so you fully understand out trading strategies and why they work.

As you become more and more advanced in Technical Analysis you can use your knowledge to start making your own trading strategies. Not everybody has to trade in the same way and different trading styles suit different personalities.

If you are disciplined, have a plan and a strong money management system in place, anyone can be a successful professional trader.

Why most people fail in Forex trading?

It’s a known fact that most people getting in to Forex trading will fail. One of the main reasons for this is lack of direction and poor money management. Our experience has taken us through all the hardships that amateur trading experience.

We want to use this knowledge to make sure you do not fall in to the same pitfalls as the majority.

If you are interested in forex mentoring and would like to sign up and speak to one of the traders, please email your interest to daniellummis@fx-city.com