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Experiencing trading losses is an inevitable and valuable part of forex trading. It shapes healthy mental well being and boosts trading performance. From trading losses, forex traders can also optimize systems to prevent future damages. To be able to move forward and learn from the experience, be sure to prepare ways to relax and develop a positive trading mindset.

Importance of Relaxation after a Trading Loss

Trading losses are necessary to build success in forex trade. Being a vital experience in forex trading, forex traders should find ways to relax and revitalize the mind after losses. This creates a stronger and more positive outlook for better trades in the future. Here are the best benefits of relaxation after experiencing trading losses:

  1. Refines and builds a more reliable forex trading strategy
  2. Creates positive mindset and outlook towards the challenges of forex trading
  3. Encourages better action planning after losses or mistakes
  4. Builds self-confidence and lessens any anxiety in future trades
  5. Optimizes performance and practices personal management
  6. Enables a proactive and goal oriented mindset
  7. Allows forex traders to constantly optimize and improve

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Easy ways to refresh the mind after trading losses

A forex trader’s mindset is a priceless tool for successful trading. By finding ways to relax and revitalize after a trading loss, you can develop stronger mental well being and a better trading strategy. To progress from any trading loss, here are easy ways for forex traders to relax and refresh the mind:


Practice calmness right after a loss

The fast paced environment of forex trading brings about a whirlwind of emotions. When facing defeat, forex traders are exposed to the possibility of panic or anxiety attacks. Because of this, the best way to relax and refresh the mind is to deal with defeat the moment it happens. After a loss, make sure to practice calmness through a method that works for you.


According to Business Insider, deep breathing is one of the most effective methods to calming down. You may also take a quick break, do some stretching or try the Tapping, or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). This is a technique that lets you tap on pressure points for “instant” stress relief during overwhelming situations.


Let go of resistance and face acceptance

Letting go resistance and facing acceptance is an effective way to rebound and manage stress from a trading loss. Aside from perfecting strategies, accepting failure is another skill that leads to success. Much like any other losses experienced in life, acceptance is an important part of experiencing trading losses. In fact, it is the last and final phase of the 5 stages of grief or loss. Without acceptance, it will be difficult to begin to optimize systems or financially recover.

Have a go-to relaxation activity

Since losses are part of forex trading, you can greatly benefit from having a reliable relaxing activity. Before starting your trading journey, prepare your go-to relaxation activity to ease any tension or stress. If you do not have one yet, here are some of the best relaxation activities to try:

  1. Meditation to greatly lower anxiety levels.
  2. Listen to music to lower blood pressure.
  3. Have a journal to express your emotions.
  4. Go to a great massage place.
  5. Find a relaxing hobby.

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Also have a go-to physical activity!

Forex traders often face scenarios that can trigger emotional hazards. Most of these deal with trading losses. Another great way to promote relaxation is by having a fun physical activity that releases pent up frustration. This can also improve physical health for better trading performance. For stress-free trading, here are top exercises that can surely get rid of pressure from trading losses:

  1. Yoga
  2. Boxing or kickboxing
  3. Hiking with a view
  4. Tai Chi
  5. Any dance workouts


Give yourself some digital detox

Digital detox is one of the best ways to relax after a trading loss. It is a time when you stop using electronic devices or going online. Planning time for digital detox allows you to make time for yourself and the things you enjoy doing. This paves the way to doing activities that relax and revitalize the mind for another day of trading. You may spend time with family, go on a trip or read an inspiring book.


Exercise positive affirmations

Turn trading losses into positive action through positive affirmations. All successful forex traders know that harboring negative emotions towards a trade can hinder growth. By turning negative thoughts into positive affirmations, you can prevent stress and encourage revitalization.


To create positive affirmations, follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Make a list of negative thoughts.

Step 2: Make another list for the positive opposite to your negative thoughts.

Step 3: Create a powerful affirmation that you can rely on during trading losses.


Clock in extra hours of sleep

Proper sleep is very important for rejuvenation. To refresh both body and mind, sleep is essential when staying physically and mentally healthy. With the odd hours of trading, restful sleep can alleviate anxiety especially when experiencing stress from trading losses. It can also help you approach challenging scenarios with a more relaxed mindset. After scheduling extra hours of sleep, make sure that you also have restorative night of rest.


Plan and practice problem solving strategies

It is important to remember that there are many aspects of the forex market that is beyond a trader’s control. In a moments of failure, the only thing that you can control is your reaction. Oftentimes, trading losses can lead to negativity. Studies show that aside from digital eye strain, stress and anxiety from losses can greatly affect a forex trader’s performance. Because of constant exposure to monetary risks, the effects of losing trades can take its toll. But it is important to remember that the best traders always accept and learn from each loss.

Think back to your target goals

Target goals can offer an overall view of your trading activity especially during rough times. Instead of feeling frustrated about the loss, it is very helpful to visualize and look back to your forex trading goals. In fact, you may use your trading goals as your mantra to encourage inspiration and lighten the mind. With a goal-driven mindset, you can refresh your outlook and take care of mental health. With tense feelings from trading losses, inspiring mantras are effective in promoting better wellbeing.


Clear the mind and optimize!

Whether you are a new or veteran trader, trading losses are considered to be a crucial part of the forex trading process. To become successful in your trades and avoid future losses, take advantage of the lessons you can take from the experience. After a trading loss, the most important thing to do is to revitalize the mind and learn from the loss.


Author biography: This post is written by Titan FX. Titan FX is a foreign exchange, metal and commodities broker serving both institutional and retail clients across the globe. Located in Auckland, New Zealand, Titan FX offers an advanced, technology based approach to online trading – with ultra tight spreads, no-requotes, full ECN execution, absolute transparency and the latest trading platform technology.

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