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The world of online trading can be massively daunting to those just entering with no experience.

So many “gurus” are in your face trying to push their systems that “100% works” and “generates tonnes of cash with very little risk”. “All other systems are frauds” but not this one…. AND it’s only $499! Sound familiar…

If you can’t be bothered reading the post, watch the video and then follow the links in the post to the trading strategies.

I’m sure if you have been venturing in the world of online trading enough, you will come across these scenarios by the hundreds.

The truth is, there is no magic strategy, algorithm or formula that gives huge returns with very little risk. It’s all about finding your “edge” on the market and managing your money correctly.

Why would these people need to sell their systems for a few hundred bucks if their systems can make millions? They are much better marketers than they are traders.

I consider myself to be a trader. I have been trading Forex for around seven years, of which, only the last three I can really say I have found my feet understand the markets enough to be able to trade profitably long term.

I have created, tried and tested, close to a hundred different trading strategies before managing to narrow it down to just a couple that suit my trading style and earn me consistent profits. And in this post, I am going to share them with you at no cost!

50 Day Simple Moving Average Trading System

The 50 Day Moving Average Strategy is based around two moving average cross overs and a lot of adding to the positions to really capitalise on them long runs. I love this one, it is great for the longer-term trader who just wants to spend fifteen to twenty minutes per day monitoring their trades.

Trades using this system run for very long periods, sometimes more than a year until you cash out. Usually the longer the trade the more money you’re making, so don’t be deterred by this.

trading system wins

Support and Resistance Trading Strategy for Sideways Market

This support and resistance trading strategy is taken from the book “Winning Spread Betting Strategies”. Of the many strategies mentioned that I have tested, this is the one that stands the test of time and it’s so simple.

This is another longer-term strategy that suits the kind of investor that likes to spend a few hours at weekends, analyzing the weeks to come. The trades don’t typically last as long as in the 50-day MA system, but we are looking at weekly candles so it can be months before you exit a trade.

If you follow to a tea what I mention in the above examples you will have your “edge” on the market. Professional traders will tell beginners to always find their “edge” if they want to be successful. Well here it is, I’m giving it to you.

Now you need to combine that with some excellent mental discipline, money management, and you will be on your way to success in no time.

winning trade

150 Day Simple Moving Average Trading Strategy

This is one of my most recent posts and one I was extremely excited to share. This strategy works the best for those who are too impatient to wait six months to a year before they exit a trade. In this strategy, we are typically in and out of trades within a matter of weeks or 1-2 months maximum.

The risk to reward per trade is 1:1 and the percentage chance of a winning trade ranges between 59% – 71% depending on the pair being traded.

It is very simple to follow and the perfect system for a newbie trader to pick up and start testing for themselves. Way better than the garbage systems that people pay 100’s of dollars for.

Click here to read the whole post.

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